Who are we?


The first steps of Matris date back to the Decade of the 80, Although the consolidation of the company would not occur until the year 1985.

Always committed to the quality and the development of new materials and technologies that allow us to innovate every day to offer new sensations in the world of rest.  

MATRIS incorporates everyday technological advancements of machinery, materials and organization. Thanks to its values, MATRIS is nowadays defined as one of the largest manufacturers of mattresses at the national level.

Matris in efficiency and resource optimization parameters are followed, using technology and European quality and environmentally friendly raw materials with the environment, that it complies with current regulations EUROLATEX, Öko-TEK and Öko-TEK STANDARD 100, and they guarantee the absence of substances harmful to health.

It produces more than 90.000 mattresses a year, In addition to bases, folding couches, bases and other complements of rest. In addition, MATRIS, It has an I D i plan and the professionalism of its team continually growing. As a result stays at the forefront in technology, design and creation of new products for the rest.

Because we have devised a different mattress for every need of rest.

Because the factory have more modern Europe allows us to put at your disposal the most advanced products.

Be present at the best rest centres is a guarantee of service and acceptance in the market.

Because having nearly a hundred years of experience makes us leaders.

Because we know that your rest at night is your wellness day.

Because we assume a real commitment with innovation.

Because we take pride in the strong environmental commitment.

Because we enjoy with our comprehensive commitment to quality.

Because we guarantee security and trust: great product at a great price.

Because all of these commitments are summarized as well: We are committed to you, We are committed to your rest.